Free Home / Office Pickup & Delivery

Let us pick up and return your personal, office or commercial cleaning and return it to you a few days later right to your door.















Sign up for our service and our driver will service your residence twice a week on your route days (currently Monday and Thursday).  If you have left a bag of cleaning for us we will pick it up and return the items cleaned the next route day.  We will provide you with one of our convenient nylon laundry transport bags when you sign up and leave you an empty one every time we pick up a bag from you.

No matter if you leave something for us twice a week or only every couple months.  Once you sign up you never have to call, just leave your bag for us and we’ll get it.

Have an alteration or repair needed?  No problem, just pin a note to the article and our experienced seamstress will look after everything.

Benefits of signing up for our service:


  • Save time, fuel costs and hassle of dropping off and picking up of your clothes at the in-store location.

  • No more lugging your pile of cleaning to your car and into the store.

  • Two regularly scheduled pick up and drop off days a week mean you are less likely to be in a hurry or in a rush for having you garments cleaned.  Once you know your pick-up and delivery days, having you cleaning done is as simple as putting your cleaning into one of our provided pick-up bags and leaving it in a convenient location, such as on your front step.  Your clothes will be returned a couple days later and left hanging at a place of your choosing, usually on your front door, back door or in your garage, if you supply us with your code.

  • A 30% discount off of the dry cleaning prices for the first month of service means you can try our service at a big discount and see how great the service is.

  • A further 30% discount for a month for every new customer referral

  • Convenient credit card billing allows for a smooth completion of the transaction.  You will only be billed as you use the service.



Call our Pick Up and Delivery line at 905-876-4245 for more information or simply register online.  After registration, you will be contacted as to your first day of service and to answer any questions you may have.


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