Dry Cleaning

Wet Cleaning

     Most dry cleaners use perchloroethylene (or perc), as their primary cleaning solvent. Unfortunately, perc is a carcinogen and respiratory irritant. If you've ever brought home an article of dry cleaning or walked past a dry cleaner's, you know the distinct smell we're referring to.


     Stopp's uses the German produced dry cleaning solvent "Intense®". Intense is an environmentally neutral solvent. No harmful influences on man or the environment are known


     We promise that under our care, you garments will come out with the best possible results and that you'll get the longest life out of your items.


     We evaluate and analyze each garment individually to identify the best way to make it clean and fresh. For the best results, each piece is uniquely treated to remove the most common type of stains, which include grease, lipstick, ink, blood, food, coffee, wine and even toothpaste to name a few.


     Wet cleaning is a process using no harsh chemicals or solvents, instead using cleaning products that are said to be safe enough to drink.


     The process uses a minimal amount of water, in a temperature-controlled environment produced using specially calibrated machines. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH LAUNDRY, wet cleaning is a perfect alternative for your ‘dry-clean only’ garments to the harsh processes of dry cleaning. The wet cleaning process offers far superior cleaning results than dry cleaning, without the impact of harsh chemical solvents. Whites are whiter and colours are brighter.


     Wet cleaners are part of a growing movement within the garment care industry to provide the customer with a truly hygienic clean and like new finish, without the use of harsh chemical solvents.