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Stopp’s Cleaners is Milton's longest-running dry cleaning facility, family-operated now for 70 years.   Located in the heart of Milton, we offer a convenient front counter location where all work is done on-premises. If you prefer to take advantage of our Pick Up & Delivery service, we offer you the same quality services as our store location, with the added convenience of a FREE at your door service.


Voted Milton’s #1 Drycleaner, we recognize that your clothes are an investment, and we are committed to ensuring that all your clothing and other household items are expertly cared for


We are a 100% environmentally friendly operation utilizing German-made SEITZ biodegradable detergents and solvents.  Our break away from the harsh chemicals from the past means that your items will look, feel, and smell better, last longer and your skin won’t come into contact with toxic chemical residues.   Our dry cleaning equipment is top of the line and our finishing machines are a combination of the industry's best technology

Our owners and staff are here to ensure that trusting your garments with us is your best choice for cleaning.  We are built on a European standard of care and processes.  There's a reason that we've been around for over 70 years!

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